Fans of the beloved village simulator are eagerly awaiting an official Animal Crossing Switch announcement. Nintendo has been quiet about a Switch version of the game. However some rumors emerged on 4Chan a website that is often the foundation of major video game leaks. According to a recent post on the website, the next Animal Crossing could be focusing around Urban Life. This is a vision and rumor that has been circulating on the internet for the past 12 months. The apparent leak states that players will be able to run their own shops, and will be able to occupy more land to decorate and make it their own.

There will also be mini games similar to the island in Animal Crossing New Leaf, that can be played with friends online, or local sharing the two joy-con controllers. The most heartbreaking news for Animal Crossing fans would be that the release is not planned for 2018 according to this rumor. However, the respected analyst At SMBC Nikko has recently spoken up about upcoming Nintendo games. According to the analyst Pokemon, Smash Bros and Animal Crossing Switch are going to be announced in March and release at the end of 2018. You can check out the full list of apparent Animal Crossing Switch features below.

The basis of the next installment which will be on the Nintendo Switch will have a big focus on a business aspect in which the player travels back and forth from the flourishing town, to an urban area in which animals reside through the use of a bus. Whether you are the mayor or not is unknown, but the players actions are to heavily influence the heavily influence both living styles urban and rural.

Villagers invited to live in your town will not only just have a home, but sections where they live on the map will also be influence by their nature and living style, also increasing the size of your town, for more villagers to live in. The urban side will now have some of the collecting and achieving features implemented, and items you find from a features of exploration will be used for business purpose in it, the player having their own store, alongside with players on their friend list and other players worldwide updated whenever online connectivity occurs.

Exploration sections in the rural side will bring a new feature to visit a randomly generated section of a forest, an island or a mountain, in which the session shortens each time the player runs into trouble like falling into a pit, being attack by bees, running into hazards. This feature can be played online with a friend, or local friend with joycons, with a second villager created in your game.
The return of any of the cast of characters is still unknown, but some key characters will return, some with change roles.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp may not have any direct connections to the Switch game, but will gradually promote items never seen in past games, as well as new types of villagers.
Amiibo support is also unknown for now.