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Two Point Hospital is Coming to Consoles February 2020

Two Point Hospital, the cheeky hospital management simulation game by Two Point Studios and SEGA, finally has a release date for consoles; February 25th, 2020! Not only will you be able to pre-purchase it digitally right now on the Microsoft Store and PlayStation Store today, with the Nintendo eShop listing coming soon, but there will also be physical copies too!

I enjoyed playing Two Point Hospital on Steam so much that I did a deep dive on how to perfect the game and get all of the stars with some advanced tips and tricks here. Not because the game is overly hard, but that I wanted to pour as many hours into it as possible and enjoy the flood of strange looking patients getting even stranger treatments. For those of you already playing this game, don’t forget you can purchase the Yogscast Jingle Jam Bundle over at Humble Bundle for charity and for some festive goodies.

Two Point Hospital Console Release Date Trailer



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