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Winter and Holiday Events in Games for 2019

I just love the holidays because of all the presents…festive joy going around! Which is why I love when video games include limited special events to celebrate! Below are some wholesome games that will be doing just that this month. Enjoy all of the beautiful fluffy snow and brilliant and colorful lights and decorations from the comfort of your, hopefully very toasty, living room!

Portal Knights – Winter Wonderland

Portal Knights‘ new seasonal event runs from December 1st, 2019 to January 6th, 2020. Rebuild the festive portal and head over to the Winter Wonderland, where you’ll be greeted with new quests, holiday themed enemies, and cool festive items! There’s even an adorable reindeer pet waiting for you! Players need to have visited the first island of the second cluster (Landlubber’s Leap) in order for the event to trigger.

Two Point Hospital – The Jingle Jams

The Yogscast Jingle Jams is an initiative by Humble Bundle where 100% of the proceeds go to charity. You donate an amount to charity ($5, $30, or custom), they give you games and goodies every day until December 20th, 2019. If you buy the Yogscast Jingle Jam Bundle, you’ll be able to get your hands on loads of great stuff including the Two Point Hospital Jingle Jimjams: a unique customisation option for your staff, allowing you to dress up your staff as Santa Claus. Furthermore, if you buy the bundle, you’ll also get a voucher for 70% off the main game if you haven’t already purchased it! I recommend it!

Slime Rancher – Wiggly Wonderland

The developers have announced that the new 1.4.1 update helps prepare Slime Rancher for Wiggly Wonderland, which is coming soon! It is currently available on PC and will be coming to consoles later this week. The Wiggly Wonderland is a yearly seasonal event that will take place this year from December 18th-30th, 2019. The developers promise “There will be plenty of fun surprises happening both on the Far, Far Range and outside of the game.” Every day of the event, the Twinkle Slime will appear in-game somewhere on the Far, Far Range. Follow the music to find the twinkle slime and receive a collection of musical chimes!


Mario Kart Tour – London Tour

The Mario Kart Tour Winter Tour may be over but Nintendo announced the new London Tour with the trailer below which includes Daisy and Waluigi in some pretty festive outfits! This event starts now (December 3rd, 2019) until December 17th, 2019. Furthermore, if you’re lucky, you can still spot Mario in his Santa gear until December 31st, 2019. Today on their Twitter page, Nintendo gave us details on playable character Daisy which is as follows: “Daisy (Holiday Cheer) appears in the London tour as the second in our series of festive drivers. Her special item is the Lucky Seven, so you know she’s got luck to spare!” Don’t forget there’s also a Mario Kart Tour Multiplayer Beta Test coming this December!

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