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Spice Up Your Walkway With These Animal Crossing New Horizons Path Borders

These borders matching the official paths in Animal Crossing New Horizons make your walkway even cuter.

Path making can be addictive and certainly adds a special touch and a level of organization to your island. Sometimes paths can look a bit unfinished since they don’t come with a border much like real life city sidewalks.

Thanks to the talented Animal Crossing community there are some simple solutions to spicing up your paths in New Horizons. Of course there is always a way to create a paradise using these absolutely breathtaking path designs but if you’d rather enhance the official paths, take a look below to find out how you can make them even nicer!

These path borders are also a great addition if you want to make your Able Sisters shop stand out a little bit more. Head over here for some absolutely adorable examples on what players have done with their exteriors shop designs in Animal Crossing New Horizons!

And for anyone who is craving some extra eye candy, check out these inspirational campsite layouts you can use for your own island.


Animal Crossing New Horizons Path Borders

I made a border for stone paths from r/AnimalCrossing
I made a subtle grass and flower path border from r/AnimalCrossing
Take Two. I designed wooden borders to go along with the wooden path. Unlike my previous attempt I think these don’t stick out as much. Look me up through the Able sisters shop if you’re wanting to find all the pieces. from r/AnimalCrossing
Creator Code: MA-9636-3444-6679
Creator Code: MA-2983-6772-8811
Made a brick version of the path border that gives grass areas an elevated look! Link to original in comments <3 from r/AnimalCrossing


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