It is 2019 for some days now, and Nintendo fans are impatiently waiting for more information on the long awaited Animal Crossing Switch. A recent rumor emerged, suggesting an upcoming Nintendo Direct might feature some news for the beloved villager simulation game. 

Pixelpar is one of the biggest Nintendo insiders, he predicted multiple announcements well before they took place. In a recent post he mentioned that a Nintendo Direct might happen between January 9th – 16th, which has become a popular believe amongst insiders. While this should be treated as a rumor, it would make sense for Nintendo to focus on Animal Crossing Switch, now that Pokemon Let’s Go and Smash Bros. Ultimate have been released. 

To further fuel the rumor mill, a recent Happy New Years tweet by the Animal Crossing team had fans guessing if the game might come out in May, 2019. The tweet that reads “Hi, campers! Your animal friends gathered together to make a New Year’s greeting for you! May you have a wonderful and fun-filled 2019!” leads fans to believe that “May” might be a hint for the release date of Animal Crossing Switch. This would also somewhat follow into Nintendos own rule to rarely announce a game more than 9 months before it’s release date. 

While all of these are rumors, it is safe to assume to Nintendo will soon provide more details, as well as an Animal Crossing Switch Release date soon. A January Direct is typical, and has happened frequently in the last few years.

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