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Portal Knights – Coming Soon to the Switch!

Portal Knights is a 3D sandbox survival crafting game with RPG elements. Taking inspiration from Minecraft and the real-time tactical fighting style from Legend of Zelda. Players can choose their class, explore islands, craft items, armour and weapons as well as create buildings, furniture & more.

The game can be played single player and co-op with friends (up to four). Currently receiving a positive reception on other consoles, it should be a great addition to the switch especially to play on the go.

Nintendo Switch Release Date: November 23rd, 2017


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  1. It’ll be nice if it has a demo. It probably doesn’t, right? I wish all games would come out with demos…so hard to decide otherwise…I’ve bought so many games that ended up being a waste of money because they looked good but turned out to be not to my taste. I like the look of this but I’m not confident about purchasing it.

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