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First Look at Adventure Game Pine

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Fans of the Zelda Franchise have long had an eye on Pine. Introduced in October 2016 this game has come far in it’s development circle. Pine is an adventure and exploration game, with an open world setting similar to Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Prime is a first of it’s kind game. The adventure game adapts to your game style as you play along. The game recognizes your play patterns, the creatures, and even the eco system will adapt to it. It makes for an unique experience every time you load up the game. Furthermore it will make you think about choices you make in the world of Pine, as all of the decisions may hunt you back down the road. The game also features an extensive weather system, allowing for a natural day and night cycle.

Every species inside the game has it’s very own personality and behavior. This makes the interactions between species and the player extremely interesting and unique. Pine is set to hit Kickstarter on March 9th, with a release planned for PC later on. Depending on the performance of the Kickstarter campaign, the developer will consider a release for PS4 and Xbox one as well.

Some of the main features of the game:


Your enemies learn your moves and style as you fight them: they observe you, try out different combos against you and physically evolve, to oppose your style specifically! It forces you to adapt to them and to choose your alles and enemies wisely.

The vast island of Albamare has a mystery around every corner, ready to be explored: As you embark on your necessary adventure, you uncover intriguing details about the history of the island and how the current evolutionary course came to be.

Survival of the fittest, even when you’re not around: Pine is world-centric, meaning things will happen across the island regardless of your actions. Based on knowledge borrowed from evolution and ecology theory, all species will do anything to survive – from small power shifts to the extinction of a sort, the island of Albamare features it all.|

Use a range of fantastic tools to make your way across the island: As you progress, you discover amazing contraptions that help you traverse, interact and fight. Scare away creatures with the Igniter, make your way across large gaps with the amazing Airglider or scale the highest cliffs using strong Climbing Axes!

Dynamic weather and natural day/night cycles that make the species move and act: Based on their needs, some species will find shelter during the nastiest storms or the coldest nights. Keep an eye out for large migrations as the island’s inhabitants are always on the move!



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    First Look at Adventure Game Pine