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Ooblets Release Date and Early Access Discussed in latest Blog

svgMar 6, 2019NewsMax

For everyone who is living under a rock and has not heard about Ooblets yet. Ooblets is a work in progress indie game, inspired by gems such as Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon and Pokemon. In the latest blog update the developers talked Ooblets Release Date and other things they have been working on, let’s dig in.

First Ooblets answered the fans most asked question, oh just when… when will we get an Ooblets Release Date? The answer is never, or not yet anyway. Rebecca and Ben the developers behind this cutesy game shared some thoughts on how close they are to releasing Ooblets ” I [Rebecca] don’t really know… Ben thinks we’re a lot closer than I do, which is why we haven’t said anything specific about release dates. I think we’ll be talking about it more in a follow-up post, but it’s looking very likely that we’ll do an early access launch. Even for that, there are some big things we still have left to do “.

An Ooblets Early Access launch would most likely get many fans excited, as they will be able to get their hand son the game even earlier. Make sure to wishlist the game on Steam in order to be the first one to play the adorable game. Rebecca went on to list some of the features they would like to integrate before entering the Ooblets Early Access stage. Some of the key elements they would like to add to the game beforehand are the completion of the badges and achievement system (exciting!), enhance the main menu and other fine tuning to make the game as great as can be!

Ooblets Release Date

The Ooblets Release Date might still be unknown for now, but we know the game will arrive this year, and we simply can’t wait to dig into this colorful world filled with whimsical adventures. Ooblets is expected to release on PC and Xbox One with other platforms to follow.


For more information on Ooblets feel free to check out our interview with Rebecca as well as our most recent Ooblets coverage here


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    Ooblets Release Date and Early Access Discussed in latest Blog