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Onsen Master – A Hot Spring Management Game Now on Kickstarter

Spirited Away meets Overcooked in this frantic customer management game!

We here at myPotatoGames are so excited that there is currently a project on Kickstarter that’s inspired by Spirited Away! For instance, you play as Mu and will come across many unique customers with specific needs, even Japanese spirits called yokai! Onsen Master consists of three main tasks: greet the customer, mix your ingredients and heal their ailments! Customers will queue at the entrance of each onsen and wait for you to guide them to a bath. Be sure to assist them quickly, as each customer has a timer and therein lies the similarities to Overcooked!

About Onsen Master

Onsen Master is a single-player hot spring customer management game coming to PC and Mac, late 2020. Players must revitalize various onsens across the fantasy island of Izajima! Create ingredients to match the various customer ailments, reconnect the communities that surround the onsens and discover the supernatural world that they’ve long since been disconnected from.

  • Short and sweet single-player story across 6 hot spring levels
  • Visual novel style dialogue with a cute anime aesthetic 
  • Arcade mode to skip the story and dive right in
  • An original soundtrack

This project is being developed by 5 individuals, including the lead artist and designer of Waking Oni, Derrick Tarrance. Help them realize their Ghibli-dream by making a pledge. With only 15 more days to go you can get access to the digital game code, a digital art book, the original soundtrack, and more! Furthermore, during the Kickstarter, you can try out an early version of the game on itch.io.

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