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Official Pokemon Garden Collection Is The Spring Merchandise We Need

Pokemon Merchandise has always been a delight to look at and today a new Garden Collection has been announced.

Nintendo as well as the Pokemon Company have released merchandise for their most successful games as long as I can think. Every bit of Animal Crossing merch is always a must have. Grabbing some items of your favorite video game is a great way to decorate your own space with all the adorable art you love so much.

The Pokemon Garden Collection announced today of course is no exception. It features a bunch of plushies that are all nature themed. But the Pokemon team did not stop here and added a couple more items, such as notebooks, mugs, tote bags and so much more.

The full collection is currently only announced to be available in Japan, however, in recent years all official Pokemon merchandise has made its way to Amazon as well which securely ships the items worldwide for a surprisingly low price.

If you have a green thumb or just enjoy the beauty of nature you should take a look at the adorable collection below.


Pokemon Garden Collection Release Date

The collection will go on sale in Japan on May 15th, shortly after the items should be available on Amazon Japan as well with international shipping. I will be updating this article once the items are available to ship to the western world.


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