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Mythic Ocean – Why Fans Love It

Since release, the wonderfully positive reviews for Mythic Ocean have been flowing in!

It has been nearly a month since the official release of Mythic Ocean on Steam. Since then, everyone who plays has pretty much the same reaction as I did when I got to try it for myself, which is wow. This is one god-like simulation game that you don;’t want to miss out on.

In Mythic Ocean, you are tasked with the duty of teaching some young Gods how to run the universe. Exactly what you teach them is entirely up to you. That’s right, all your decisions have consequences. Do want a world of chaos, or a world of order. There are many possibilities, and tons of opportunity for replay-ability.

Mythic Ocean

What the fans say!

You don’t have to take my word for it. Many others who have tried the game have spoken their minds as well. The decision is unanimous; Mythic Ocean is a must play for all god-like game lovers that also enjoy an immersive story with enchanting graphics.

“The story is really interesting. Every interaction you make with a character changes the course of the story, this is basically that game you imagined where “I wonder if I say this changes anything” actually can change something.” – “The Spookster

“Absolutely breathtaking game! The graphics and style are utterly gorgeous and the characters are all fresh and unique! ” – MYSTHIA


“Mythic Ocean is a charming and beautiful game where you can teach a pair of twin deities that rules were made to be broken, deliver insults to a dolphin, and encourage the cutest little creature in the world to CONSUME. Or you can choose not to. Your decisions decide the next world. Choose wisely. Or entertainingly. In fact, do both, since this story has tons of replayability.” – aseth

These are all reviews from Steam.

Prologue Trailer

To see more of the amazing reviews, check out the Mythic Ocean Steam page. For up-to-date information on Mythic Ocean, you can follow the game on Twitter.

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    Mythic Ocean – Why Fans Love It