The console version of My Time At Portia finally gets major update.

Team17 recently announced that My Time at Portia will get an update that includes many features already available in the PC version. Many of us were wondering if the console versions would receive any love, and now we know. The update is set to be released “in the coming weeks”, and is said to include more quests, relationship features, character cosmetics and much more. For the full rundown of everything that is included in the update, please check out Team17’s blog about My Time at Portia.

For those of you who are a little late to the party, My Time at Portia is an expansive, open-world role-playing adventure game. Since its release, it has been touted as one of the greatest Indie games ever, mainly for it’s adorable graphics and simple yet varied gameplay. With many relationships to partake in, and seemingly endless duties about, Portia has comfortably nestled itself into our hearts and game libraries forever!

My Time At Portia PC Launch Trailer

For more information about this epic title, be sure to check out all that myPotatoGames has to offer on the subject!

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