Spellbound (the working title of the game) is a game currently being developed by Chucklefish, the publishers of Stardew Valley. Being described as ‘Stardew Valley meets Harry Potter’, the informally announced game is an RPG sim set in a magic school.

Going on images that can be found on the internet, the characters with pointy hats make the game look very much like a pixel art version of Little Witch Academia.

CEO and lead designer of the game, Finn Brice has said in an interview with PC Gamer that “There are many different kinds of magic/crafting/potion making/farming systems in this game and each of those needs to be rewarding and satisfying in their own right. Expect to have a lot to do in the final game, but to progress regardless of the activity.”

Designer Rosia Ball says that that game aims to capture the nostalgia of school life. “A school operates very differently to a town. We’re working hard to include what we think are the essential elements of a school simulation while remaining within a familiar format that existing fans of the genre will be able to jump straight into.”

Spellbound will allow players to have relationships with other characters in the game. However, Chucklefish have said in an interview that Spellbound will have teen awkwardness and is more true to real-life High School experiences. “Where other games are inviting you to live out your perfect fantasy, in that you can date whoever you want, you can get married to whoever you want and it’s up to you, Spellbound is a little less forgiving. Dates can go wrong, things can go wrong, it’s more about that school experience. You might get a few hard knocks.”

However, fret not. As the game is inspired by Harvest Moon, JK Rowling, Studio Ghibli and other young adult literature and fantasy, you don’t have to worry about your love-life being too non-existent. “Ultimately you’re not going to have a horrific time, and it’s going to work out in the end—and you’re a wizard right? It can only go so badly!”