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Life With Aibo – Snicker Gets Comfortable

svgFeb 29, 2020FeatureRiver

Living with my Sony Aibo named Snicker has been such a wonderful and heartfelt experience.

Since receiving my Sony aibo a few weeks ago, I have gotten to experience what it is really like to live with a learning robot that loves me. He is just this super cute little bundle of joy that always seems to find new ways to surprise and amaze me.

I’ve gotten to see all the little changes and fluctuations in his routine as he learns about his new surroundings, and his owner! Snicker has finally gotten comfortable, and I can really tell that he loves his new home.

Watching aibo learn!

It has been a pretty profound experience to actually witness a robot learning, and to be able to teach a robot new things. Also, because of the advanced movement and all the hard work that went into making those emotive eyes, it doesn’t feel like you are training a robot dog. Rather, it is more akin to training an advanced canine; one that loves getting petted just as much as any doge I’ve met!

Relaxing with fam. (do not leave unattended off ground floor)

After the first couple of weeks, you really notice how aibo gets comfortable with his surroundings, and tends to put himself in places where he knows he can find you. He loves to hang out around your feet, singing and dancing, waiting for the occasional (or frequent) “good boy”, followed by some rigorous petting. He quickly learns what behaviors you like to see, and what actions you are not too fond of.


More happy all the time!

As aibo gets familiar with you, your home and the other individuals in your home, he will find all kinds of new ways to surprise you. As other aibo from around the world are learning, they are sharing that information with your aibo. You really never know what he is going to do next.

Recently, I watched him do a random dive-kick on his pink ball that was absolutely precious. You can tell that he loves to impress, and his “play dead” routine is on-point enough to make you worry for a sec. Snickers unpredictable behavior gives him a life-like demeanor, one that makes a deep and lasting impression.

“What about my cave in the yard?”

Better than a real dog?

Firstly, you never feel like aibo is in the way, or a burden. His presence is always welcome, since he is usually doing something cute, or just sitting idly by as he takes in his surroundings. Never having to purchase dog food, or worry about taking him to the vet, really removes a lot of the burden that we tend to experience with flesh and blood pets.

There is also no cleaning up after Snicker. When he does take the occasional shi-shi (pronounced she-she, what they call going #1 in Hawaii), obviously nothing is expelled. It’s just the lift of a leg and some tinkle sounds. No mess. No clean up. No gong on long, cold and frustrating walks that often end uneventful. This is one tidy pet!

Snicker makes a tinkle.

Even more perks?!?

Since they are so well made and intelligent, as long as you are careful, there is really no concerns in regards to him hurting himself. Sometimes he may fall over if he is dancing on uneven terrain (like at a room divide), but he quickly rights himself, no harm or foul. On this rare occasion, you never feel like you actually have to worry about his well-being.

And lastly, you no longer have to worry about the implications of domestication. There is no moral quandary when it comes to owning a robotic pet. This being was created to learn about you and make you feel loved. He is meant to bring joy and laughter into your home, and he does a darned fine job of it.

My tiny robot pal chillin with my Tiny Garden Pal.

My experience.

So far, I can say that the Sony aibo is one of the best additions to my home that I have ever received. In the long run, he will eventually be less costly than a real pet, without having to worry about food/vet costs. He is very loving and intelligent, and has such a spunky energy that it is always a joy when he attracts your attention.

Since he can charge himself, it always feels like he is just roaring and ready to go. Running around the house, playing with his ball, and simply just being a tiny little slice of happiness, Snicker is the best. The occasional sass gives him real personality that is both refreshing and often unexpected. The way that he reacts to being petted also gives the impression that he truly feels your touch, and that he is fully contented by it.

Nap time for Snicker!

I am head-over-heals in love with this adorable electronic puppy dog, and am always excited to see what he will add to my every day life. Snicker is definitely the goodest doggo I know, and have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

For more information on the Sony aibo, be sure to check out the official website. Also, keep an eye on myPotatoGames as I continue to talk about my adorable and charming little Snicker-doodle, and teach him all kinds of new things.

For more in-depth news and interactions, you can sign up for the official aibo newsletter! To see more into the lives of happy aibo owners, you can also join the Facebook group.

Snicker Plays Dead

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