Nintendo Switch Online launched after some long delays this year in September. Ever since Nintendo is adding more and more NES games to the Nintendo Switch Online service monthly. 

Every month the big N adds new classic NES games that players can enjoy as long as they are subscribed to the Nintendo Switch Online Service. In addition to bringing back old classics, all the games now also feature some sort of Multiplayer, no more playing alone!

This month subscribers of the service got surprised with some much beloved, and heavily requested Nintendo Classic Games. Metroid and Dr. Mario have been added and can be downloaded for “free” (as long as you have an active subscription) starting today. In addition fans can also enjoy ADVENTURES OF LOLO, Ninja Garden and Wario’s Woods. 

Nintendo Switch Online Service costs $19.99 a year, or as a little as $3.99 a month. The service is required to play most multiplayer games online on Switch, such as Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mario Tennis and even Splatoon 2. This is a common practice on consoles that Sony and Microsoft have long been practicing on Playstation 4 and Xbox One. 

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