Nintendo released the Kirby Star Allies Demo on the Nintendo eShop in Europe a few days ago. North American fans of the game could still access the demo if they had a European account. But the big N finally released the demo on the north America store, so that fans in the west can easily download and play the demo now.

Kirby Star Allies has been under critique for being too easy. You can head over to your eShop on your Nintendo Switch and download Kirby Star Allies demo for free to make your own opinion. Kirby Star Allies releases on March 16th and can currently be pre-ordered for a discount here.

The Nintendo Switch just turned 1 year old, an we couldn’t help but reflect on the past, and also at what lies ahead. If you feel a bit disappointed that there has been no word on Animal Crossing Switch, or even Smash Bros and Pikmin 4, head over here.