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Nintendo Switch Turns 1 – it’s Time for Animal Crossing Switch

It feels like yesterday when we stood first in line at our local target to grab a Nintendo Switch with neon red and blu joy-cons. But truth is, the Nintendo Switch is 1 year old now. The switch has had a big success story, with near 15 million units sold in it’s first 12 months, and plenty of amazing games yet to come, the hybrid console seems unstoppable.

Nintendo has taken the opportunity to reflect on it’s first year. Nintendos general manager Shinya Takahashi is certainly partially responsible for the huge success of the console. To celebrate the Switch’s birthday he sat down to answer some questions. You can check out the short interview in the video below.

While the first year has been a huge success, it is important for Nintendo to keep delivering on it’s promise to bring all major first party games to the Switch. At the beginning of last year Reggie, president of Nintendo North America, stated that the big N wants to bring all it’s major IP’s to the Switch “our philosophy at Nintendo is to have one great experience of each franchise on each console. So, in the future, who knows when – you can anticipate that all our big franchises will be addressed”, this of course includes two of Nintendos biggest franchises, Smash Bros and Animal Crossing.

Only a few days ago Nintendo released a demo for the upcoming Kirby Star Allies Game. There have also been recent rumors about a possible Smash Bros Switch release this year. So all in one, the second year looks promising already.


Support for the switch has been great, with even the original Harvest Moon creator announcing two Switch games to be released this summer. Little Dragon Cafe and Happy Birthdays – the beginning will both be released on Switch in just a few months. But fans are waiting for more 1st party support from Nintendo, like Animal Crossing Switch, Smash Bros, Metroid Prime, Pikmin and more. While Nintendo is releasing the upcoming Kirby game, and Nintendo Labo where players can craft, and play – it will be interesting to see when the big N talks about it’s next major releases. Possibly at E3, where Nintendo reserved a huge space.


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    Nintendo Switch Turns 1 – it’s Time for Animal Crossing Switch