Eevee x Tamagotchi is a Japan exclusive that we really hope comes west!

The crew at Pokemon has finally teamed up with the original creators of Tamagotchi, and made it so that (almost) everyone can have their very own Eevee to raise and love, with Eevee x Tamagotchi. It is tough to embody that feeling you would get as a real Pokemon trainer, but Tamagotchi has brought the world much by way of virtual pet ownership. This collaboration will mean wonders for those who have always dreamed of having their very own Pokemon to raise!

What is Tamagotchi?

For those unfamiliar with Tamagotchi, they are the company that revolutionized being a pet owner by making it simple, and digital. A Tamagotchi is a key-chain sized console that allows for the raising of one virtual pet. You interact with the specific creature as you would a real pet, i.e. feeding, cleaning up after and playing games to keep them entertained. Also, you must do all of this on a regular basis, as it is possible for your creature to perish (or in this case, return to egg form).

Eevee x Tamagotchi

With Eevee x Tamagotchi, you will now be able to have all of this merriment in the form of an Eevee. Given that the evolution system has always been a bit random for Tamagotchi, one new feature would be the guided evolution. As many already know, Eevee has many different paths that it can take as far as evolution is concerned. In this game, you will be able to guide the Eevee to the specific evolution you want through the mini games that are offered for interacting with your Eevee.

No western release…yet!

All of that being said, even the excitement that we feel over this awesome gadget doesn’t change the fact that it is currently very difficult to get your hands on, and only comes in the Japanese version. However, we here at myPotatoGames intend to keep a close eye on this, and will be sure to update as soon as there is word of a western release. Although they are currently sold out, this item is offered by Play-Asia, so keep checking in with them if you are interested in a Japanese version.

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