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Drawdog Combines Paint and Puppers

svgApr 8, 2019NewsRiver

Color the world your own way in Drawdog!

From the creator of the indie smash-hit “Wandersong”, Greg Lobanov, comes an RPG like we’ve never seen before. In Drawdog [working title], you play a doggo on a mission to bring color and art back into the world using only a giant paintbrush. Lobanov’s previous title, Wandersong, received a loving reception and created quite a buzz for it’s beautiful play-style and unique take on an art game. It appears that Drawdog will attempt to do the same, only this time for color instead of sound.

What we know so far…

This game will surely tickle the fancy of not only all canine fanatics, but also capture the heart of any and all art enthusiasts. However, in this title, it is not so much about perfection as it is expression and invigoration. Your primary goal is to breathe life into your surroundings by adding color, which will inherently alter the moods of the characters that inhabit the land.

Your interactions with your environment will be your means by which you achieve progression, i.e. adding colors to items and objects to make them act in a certain way. You will use paint to solve puzzles and help your fellow townsfolk to change their surroundings to their liking. Each character along the way has it’s own unique and quirky additions to the story. This game is still in development, and has not recevied release date, nor has it been determined exactly what platforms the title will be released on.

A little gameplay GIF…

For more information on Drawdogs, follow them on Twitter! For more information about Lobanov’s previous title, Wandersong, check out our tidbit from myPotatoGames!

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  • Totorori

    April 8, 2019 / at 9:00 amsvg

    This looks SO cute, I’m very curious!

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