We don’t know when, but the demo is coming!!

It was recently announced that Doreamon: Story of Seasons will be getting a demo version on the Nintendo Switch. It has already been revealed that this crossover title is coming to the west, and hopefully we will get to give it a try before it releases on June 13th. Unfortunately, sources did not indicate whether or not the demo version would release before the full title.

A bit about Doraemon: Story of Seasons.

In case you missed it, Doraemon is a new crossover title introduced in a direct earlier this year. It will mix features from both the beloved classics, Doraemon and Story of Seasons. The game takes place in the original town from Doreamon, but will feature characters from both titles. Doraemon Story Of Seasons is coming to the West this fall 2019 on Nintendo Switch and Steam! 

As there is still no release date for the demo, keep an eye on myPotatoGames for all the updates you need for this upcoming epic title. For more information about Doraemon: Story of Season, check out all that MPG has to say on the subject!

Doraemon: Story of Season Announcement Trailer

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