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With Mother’s Day being this weekend, we at myPotatoGames wanted to take a moment to appreciate all types of moms in IRL and in video games. Moms in games are always there to guide you even if all you get is one lousy potion. Some are overprotective but gentle like Carrie, some are strict but push you to become the best version of yourself like Joyce, and some even adopt and give you and the rest of your thousands of adorable star siblings a loving place to call home. So here’s to all moms everywhere!

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  1. Which mom is the most relatable?

    1. Mama from Cooking Mama
    2. Ms. Pac-Man from Pac-Man
    3. Queen Mikoto from Fire Emblem Fates
    4. Carrie from Animal Crossing
    5. Joyce Price from Life is Strange
    6. Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy
    7. Mom from Pokemon
    8. Mom from Little Dragons Cafe
    24 votes
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