It looks like the super-popular Cuphead will be making a foray into television.

Now in production by the team at Netflix Animation, The Cuphead Show is on its way. The popular game franchise has had much time in the spotlight lately. Gaining notoriety recently for the delayed release of some major DLC including new characters, it is not surprising to see Cuphead in the lime light once again. Only now it is because they are making their way to the big screen, which isn’t a big leap, as the games design is loosely based on classic cartoons from the 1930’s.

The Cuphead game was created by Studio MDHR, and you can follow them on Twitter by clicking here. They just tweeted the reveal of the Netflix show today, and that tweet can be viewed below. For more information on the Cuphead game, you can see our coverage of the title by clicking here. As this is the only information on the show that has been revealed so far, we will be sure to keep an eye on this as it develops.

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