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Coral Island – Characters, Crops And Animals Revealed

In a recent dev update, the developers have shown a lot of what’s to come in Coral Island.

For those that missed it, Coral Island is an upcoming farming and life-sim game that has a healthy focus on environmental awareness, and cultural representation in video games, not to mention some absolutely wonderful artwork and an ingenious story to tell.

After my in-depth interview with Stairway Games, I learned very much about this most wholesome indie game. Things like what kind of beautiful minds were behind the making of this game, as well as what Coral Island is all about. Now, the developers have divulged even more goodies that we can expect to see in their upcoming epic adventure.

Some of the Islanders on Coral Island.

In the recent dev update, we got a close look at some of the characters that we will encounter in the game. Characters such as the local doctor, a marriageable character that takes care of the villagers, loves chess and can often be found shooting billiards when not chilling at the beach shack.

Coral Island

We also got a peek at the Mayor that will be in charge of Coral Island. He is a man well versed in the goings on of Coral Island, as well as having a deep knowledge of the islanders themselves. These are just two of the characters that were revealed in the recent update. Check out the dev blog page to see more.


Plants and animals to expect on your farm.

It wasn’t just NPC’s revealed in the blog post. The developers also shared a bit of what we will see when it comes to the plant and animal life that we will have on our farms. We will get to grow some classic fruits and veggies, like strawberries and potatoes. There will also be some island style vegetation, like starfruit.

When it comes to the animals that we will be raising, not too much has been revealed yet. There will certainly be pigs. And anyone who is aware of what island life is like, you can be sure to expect some chickens clucking about as well.

A look at the farm home.

Now, it be would nigh on impossible to run a successful farm without a home to rest your head when not tending the many needs of the farmstead. The dev update gives us a closer look at the interior of your farm home, as well as what it will be like to customize your home. Yes, you will be able to change the interior to your liking, so that way you can have max comfort in your chill zone.

Coral Island Update

More info!

While I have given a close look here at the update for Coral Islands development progress, there are many more details to be had on the blog page itself, including some goodies you should totally know about.

You can also get much more information by following the game on Twitter, and joining the conversation on Discord.

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