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Harvest Moon One World Announced For Nintendo Switch

Rising Star Games announced today that a brand new Harvest Moon game is coming to Nintendo Switch later this year.

Harvest Moon One World is a brand new installment in the long running farming franchise. The game is made entirely from scratch on a brand new engine allowing for new features, graphics and more.

Harvest Moon One World Coming to Nintendo Switch

Harvest Moon One World follows the success of Harvest Moon Light of Hope, the game received mediocre review scores but eventually became a best selling game and offered plenty of charm as we came to expect and love from Harvest Moon titles.

In the press release Rising Star Games has revealed a few more details about the story of the game. Players will find themselves in a world without tomatoes, strawberries, or even cabbage but only an old book that reveals what once was.


Explore an entire World in the next Harvest Moon game

Harvest Moon One World

The player will be able to discover friendly already known and new faces in the local town. However, this time around you can travel outside of your village and discover new places and people from all around the world.

According to Rising Star Games you can sunbath on the beautiful beaches of Halo Halo and even visit the snowy mountains of Salmikakki there will be an entire world for you to explore!

Harvest Moon One World Release Date

One World will be launching later this year, distributed by Nintendo of Europe in European countries and Natsume / Rising Star Games in the west. A release date has not been revealed yet but new information should be shared within the coming months Rising Star Games says.

Harvest Moon One World will be heading to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 later this year! You can already take a peak at the new box art right here!

Story of Seasons coming to Nintendo Switch

A brand new Story of Seasons is in the works for Nintendo Switch in addition Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town is coming out next month!


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