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Calico Update Brings Emotional Flair

In a recent Tweet from developers, it was revealed that facial expressions have been added to Calico.

For those that have been missing out, Calico- Magical Girls Running Cat Cafe’s is exactly what it sounds like. The game is about girls that have magical powers, and run cafes for cats. Basically the cutest idea for a video game ever. The developers help to get that point across by having the art be just as adorable as the premise.

Now with facial expressions.

In an effort to make the game more immersive and lovely than ever, the developers have recently announced the addition of facial expressions to the game. This will allow the characters that you interact with to be a bit more into what is going on. Now they can show sadness when a kitty runs away, or can be overjoyed at the mere sight of you.

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The developers also mentioned that the new character models were easier to create with the new character creation system that was recently implemented. With all these amazing additions and changes, Calico is sure shaping up to be one of the most charming indie games of all time! Calico is set to be released sometime in mid-2020.

More on Calico

For more information on Calico, you can check out their official website. To stay in tuned with what’s going in in development, you can follow the game on Twitter. For more adorable indie games, check out my coverage of what’s new in Ooblets.

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