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Animal Crossing New Horizons How To Build A Perfect Snowboy

Snow has finally covered islands in Animal Crossing New Horizons, find out how to build the perfect snowboy.

The snow many players in New Horizons have been waiting for is finally here. It started with some snowflakes falling from the sky and now your island should finally be covered in a thick blanket of snow.

With the arrival of the snow you may have noticed some tiny snowballs somewhere on your island. Kicking these around will essentially make them big enough to roll them into big snowy balls. But what to do with these fluffy balls? You can build a Snowboy!

Snowboys wil grant you winter DIYs and large snowflakes needed to craft these beautiful items. In order to get these rewards you need to make sure to build a perfect Snowboy every time, the right proportions are the key.

Simple method to always get a perfect Snowboy

The easiest way to always get a perfect Snowboy is to count the time. The first snowball ( body ) needs to be rolled for about 16-17 seconds, once completed roll the top ( head ) ball for 11-12 seconds – then push both together and It should result in a perfect snowball

  1. Roll the first ( body ) Snowball for 16-17 seconds
  2. Roll a second ( head ) Snowball for 11-12 seconds
  3. Push both the Snowballs together for the perfect snowboy

Make sure that the second ( head ) snowball will be right next to the body after you rolled it for 11-12 seconds.

The Path method

This one requires you to do some island customizations but it is also the most straight forward method. To achieve a perfect Snowboy result all you need to do is build a 10 tile path ( horizontally ), create two maximum sized snowballs and then roll one of the maximum sized snowballs down the path, this will shrink it to the perfect size needed.

Make sure that the body snowball part is at the end of the path, so that you roll the head right into the body part.

  1. Create. 10 tile path – place it horizontally, this will make it easier.
  2. Create two maximum sized snowballs, please one at each end of the path
  3. Roll one of the snowballs down the path essentially merging it with one another at the end of the path.

Get more Large Snowflakes

Now you know how to build a perfect Snowboy every time. Make sure you speak to your aged Snowboys as well. They start melting the next day but more often than not they still have a little gift in the shape of a Large snowflake for you!


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