With the release of Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch imminent (HYPE!), we thought it would be fitting (and cathartic) to compile a list of our favorite pieces of Animal Crossing merchandise.

And whilst this is definitely not an exhaustive list (there’s so much cool stuff out there!), here are 10 Wonderful Wares For You To Blow your Bells On:

1. A Guide To Village Life – Art Book

2. ‘Switch’ up your style with this Animal Crossing Switch Enamel Pin

image 0

3. Is it ‘time’ that you treated yourself to something cool? If so, why not get one of these Animal Crossing Vinyl Clocks?

image 0

4. Or a colourful and cute Pastel Pin

image 0

5. Be the early bird that catches the worm with this mug (that features Brewster’s ‘mug’…)

image 0

6. Perhaps you ‘wood’ like one of these awesome laser-cut necklaces?

image 0

7. How about this colourful rainbow Happy Home sketchbook? 

image 0

8. Maybe this relatable tee? (At least we have our in-game friends right..?)

Image result for animal crossing anti social t shirt

9. These Clip-on backpack buddies from HotTopic


10. This rather cool DJ K.K. Slider plushie

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