Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Celebrates 1 Million Copies Sold


Nintendo has been quiet about the next Animal Crossing. With Animal Crossing New Leafs latest update now almost a year old, no confirmation on the next Animal Crossing game has been made. However Animal Crossing Mobile is still set for a release sometime this year. The last mainline game in the series is over 5 years old, and while sales have been a giving gift to Nintendo, the big N seems to be in no rush to release the next game on the Switch.

Nintendo Europe recently tweeted out that Happy home Designer has officially passed 1 million sales for the European Region alone. Considering that Home Designer was only a spin off game, like AC Amiibo Festival, these sales numbers are rather impressive. Animal Crossing has long been one of Nintendos biggest and most successful franchises. The next game in the series is just a matter of time, and will end up on the Switch according to Reggie, President of Nintendo North America.

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