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A Short Hike Start Your Adventure Today

Following the Nintendo Switch release, A Short Hike is now out on Xbox and PlayStation.

For anyone who is not familiar with this game, a Short Hike is a wonderful little indie that was released in July of last year, and has received overwhelming positive reviews since.

With lots to discover and many interesting folk to meet a long the way, fans have been raving about this peaceful little jaunt through the woods.

Now, even more lovers of nature will get the chance to try this game for themselves, as it is already available for Switch through the eShop for just $7.99. It is quite a great price for such a peaceful and relaxing indie game about exploration and finding oneself embraced by the splendor that is our natural world. 

In addition to Switch, A Short Hike is now available on the PlayStation and Xbox Store. If you have been waiting for the game to release on additional platforms, now is the time to get it.

Take a look at the adorable gameplay trailer for A Short Hike below!


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