Zelda Mobile Game and Animal Crossing Mobile Release Window


Nintendo has been working on several mobile games in the last year. Mario Run, Fire Emblem and Pokemon go have already been released. Animal Crossing is expected to be released before the end of March 2018. Now the World Street Journal claims to have some more information on the release date and an upcoming Zelda Mobile Title.

According to the WSJ the Animal Crossing Smartphone App is set to release sometime in the second half of 2017. Furthermore the journal claims to have some insight on a Zelda Mobile game. According to the article Nintendo is currently working on bringing the Zelda franchise to smartphones in the near future. No further details have been revealed. Nintendo has stated before that it plans to release most of it’s popular franchises on Mobile.

Developer DeNA – responsible for the Animal Crossing Mobile app has recently made some comments about the upcoming game, you can catch up on that article right here.


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James Mueller
James Mueller

I’ll try them, but not likely stick. I just don’t game on my smartphone. I carry my 3DS with me and game on that. I’ve tried plenty of games (Kairosoft games I do have a soft spot for), but in the end I don’t enjoy most of the mechanisms involved to keep them free and the games that have a full price don’t translate well to phone only controls.