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Witch It – A Magical Hide and Seek Game

Ready for another game that’s perfect for Halloween? Well, here’s Witch It, a fun video game rendition of hide and seek! 

Enter a vibrant and magical world in Witch It, where you can explore humble villages and exotic islands. However, the goal of the game is hide and seek! Play as a hunter, whose job is to fearlessly seek out those pesky witches hidden throughout the map. Use a variety of skills and tools to detect, trap, and slow down witches. Or play as a mischievous witch, hiding from the hunters! Use your skills to mimic items on the map, fly away, disorientate, or distract the hunters as you run from them. Interact with props that use dynamic, physics-based movement to help you easily traverse the maps and find hiding spots.

Personalize your characters with fun shirts, hats, and accessories. Unlock these items simply by playing Witch It and leveling up! In fact, you can gain levels by playing one of several game modes. Hide and Seek is the classic, standard game mode, but there’s also Mobification, Hunt a Hag, and Fill a Pot. In Mobification, you play the standard Hide and Seek, but witches who are caught join the hunters in seeking out the rest of the witches. Hunt a Hag is a one way game of tag where all skills and projectiles are disabled. Then there’s Fill a Pot, a 2v2 competitive experience where witches must fill cauldrons with specific props before the timer, or their lives, run out! There’s even a Creative mode that allows you to build your own maps to play on.

Play with friends, or load up public servers to play with strangers across the internet!


Available Now

Witch It is available now on Steam!

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    Witch It – A Magical Hide and Seek Game