This article is based on a very early demo version of the game.

Littlewood is a new RPG where you play the role of a hero who has completed their quest of defeating the evil wizard, saved the world of Solemn, and is now trying to rebuild the town of Littlewood. Being developed by the indie developer Sean Young, Littlewood brings an interesting spin to the usual town building simulator by melding together aspects of familiar games like Minecraft and Animal Crossing

In Littlewood, you get to fully customize your town. This doesn’t just include building homes for townsfolk, plotting farming areas, furnishing your home AND the townsfolk’s homes, but it also includes customizing the elevation of the land and choosing where to put bodies of water. This interesting element of customizing the terrain brings an extra touch to making the town your own.

Along with customizing the terrain of your town, there are also tons of activities to keep you busy like gathering resources, catching bugs/fish, farming, cooking, crafting, buying/selling goods, building relationships with new friends, and even becoming a master of tarot card readings.

Picture above is some of the interesting townsfolk you will get to know in Littlewood.

Littlewood is scheduled for release in May 2019 and already has a Steam page, so there’s not much more of a wait. If you’d like to check out the game right now, there is a free demo over on the game’s Kickstarter.  

Be sure to stay tuned to myPotatoGames for the latest information on Littlewood and other games.  Happy Gaming!

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  • James
    Posted Mar 23, 2019 at 12:04 pm 0Likes

    This one hit my Facebook feed. I’m going to have to give this a demo run!

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