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The Kind Camomille Coming To Kickstarter

Soon you will have the chance to be a part of the production of this amazing and wholesome indie game!

The Kind Camomille is an upcoming indie game and developed by sole developer Xavier Moiny. The game is all about the act of kindness and sharing love and joy with the world around you. You play as a mouse who is on an ambitious journey to see her grandmother who is about to celebrate her 100th birthday! The journey takes the little mouse on a long adventure where you will be meeting a bunch of other little creatures who may ask you for some help as well.

The developer just announced that he is currently gearing up to launch the kickstarter campaign for his game. This means a great deal for anyone who has succumb to the overwhelming charm of The Kind Camomille. Like every kickstarter, you just chip in some monies to help with development, and you are awarded with a slew of different goodies, depending on the amount you donate.

Currently, the primary goal is to spread awareness, and have everyone sign up to be notified when the campaign goes live. This will help the developer ensure that he is prepared for the amount of sign-ups, how many stretch goals to prepare for, and the amount of rewards he will have to make.

Click here to sign up for the Kickstarter Campaign now!

New Kickstarter Trailer

A new trailer was also shared in a Tweet by a promoter of The Kind Camomille, Lauren Moses.


More info

For more information about The Kind Camomille, be sure to follow the game on Twitter.

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