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  • svgFeb 14, 2024Mobile Game

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    Tiny Boutique: Fashion Game by TinyBoxGames is a wonderfully adorable mobile game with pretty pixel graphics. In this game, you run a little boutique that services customers looking for fresh new outfits and accessories. Each customer will have a request for a whole outfit or just some accessories. You can buy the requested items to fulfill the order, or dress each customer in something else. You want to make sure you send them off in something they love, though! As you make sales and earn money, you can buy upgrades to make the boutique comfortable and cuter. Choose different themes for your shop, decorate your home, and customize your character, too! 


    I love how cute and simple Tiny Boutique looks. The pixel graphics lend a nostalgic charm to the game that is enhanced by the varied character designs. Your customers all look unique with different outfits, fun hairstyles and colors, and some really cute clothing requests. The color palette used throughout the game is lovely, too. It’s not quite all pastel, but none of it is super bold or harsh. It’s easy to look at and play.


    Overall, Tiny Boutique is a delightful app to play. You put together outfits to please customers, upgrade your shop, decorate your home, change the theme of the shop, and that’s it! It’s a simple game that focuses on exactly what it advertises. This isn’t one of those bait and switch types, like is common in mobile games. It’s a breath of fresh air, really. Plus, having a fun fashion game is great. 

    There are some ads in Tiny Boutique. You have the option to watch some ads to get customers into the building faster. You can watch up to 10 ads daily. Each ad brings in 8 customers, which means you can call in a total of 80 customers a day. Otherwise, customers trickle in every 20 minutes or so, making this game a very casual, relaxed experience. There are no time limits or speedy service rewards. Just some good fashion fun!

    Final Thoughts

    While Tiny Boutique is simplistic, it’s perfect for taking some time to just relax with a game. It’s easy to learn, easy to pick up and play, and fun! 

    I give it

    You can find Tiny Boutique on Google Play and the Apple App Store!

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  • svgFeb 7, 2024Mobile Game

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    Welcome to My Home is a charming mobile game where you can escape to a gorgeous world full of decorating, farming, and crafting! Customize your character using hundreds of different outfits and hairstyles. Decorate your adorable farmhouse with different kinds of flooring and walls. Place chairs, stools, benches, and more to create a cozy living space, as well as crafting stations to make a working workshop. 

    The focus of this game is completing quests and story missions by talking with NPCs and fulfilling their needs. You also can fulfill orders in Welcome to My Home from an order board to earn money needed for upgrades and items. Plus, there’s a social aspect to the whole thing. Make friends with other people and post on your own timeline or interact with your friends’ posts like other social media apps. Request help from your friends and help them with their requests. You can also join a guild for more social fun! 

    Release Date

    Welcome to My Home is available now on Google Play and Apple App store.

    Cozy Islands is another cute and cozy mobile game app!

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