[dropcap]” C[/dropcap]oncernedApe the creator of The Farming and Social Simulator Stardew Valley has recently announced that a multiplayer / Co-Op version is well underway and set to release in the not so distant future.

The Co-Op Update has long been awaited by many fans. A multiplayer update would allow friends to play together, share a farm, and work cooperativly within the same town.

While fans are patiently waiting to see the official Multiplayer being added with a free update, some dedicated players have taken up the challenge to release a Multiplayer Mod. While not flawless, the mod does allow players to play with their friends, if you can’t wait for the official update, you can try the mod to play Stardew Valley with your friends today. Be sure to backup your save game before installing the mod.

Stardew Valley is a beloved series among fans of games like Harvest Moon, Zelda and Animal Crossing. If you haven’t already check out the Stardew Valley trailer bellow! The game is currently available on PC and Mac, and is set to release on Nintendos new Console, the Switch later this year.

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  • James Mueller
    Posted Apr 11, 2017 at 10:35 am 0Likes

    I missed this announcement. This will be great, my wife and I always wanted to play truly co-op. Bumps this up in my list.

    • Rebecca
      Posted Apr 11, 2017 at 5:52 pm 0Likes

      I was waiting for the game to add multiplayer .. i want to play it badly but not alone

  • Rebecca
    Posted Apr 11, 2017 at 5:53 pm 0Likes

    When this game comes out I will get a Nintendo Switch

    • James Mueller
      Posted Apr 12, 2017 at 6:08 am 0Likes

      Ironically so will I. It will be one of the multiplayer games my wife and I will play together and so we’ll need a second switch.

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