Sleep Tight is almost upon us. The adorable game that builds up on the base-builder genre is coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch on July 29th. In Sleep Tight the player will build a fort using anything you can get your tiny sticky fingers on. Create your very own fort using pillows, and use the dart gun to defend yourself at night! You can check out the game on Steam and Nintendo Switch. For more information check out the fast paced, but beyond adorable trailer below!

About Sleep Tight

Build that pillow fort, grab that dart gun, and try to survive one more night!

This unique twin-stick shooter, base-builder hybrid comes wrapped in blankets of nostalgia! Construct your strongest pillow fort during the day and defend your bedroom from endless hordes of monsters each night.

This fast paced arcade style game packs some deep strategy, and you’ll need to use your wits if you’re going to survive to the top of the leaderboards. With 12 unlockable characters, mix and match playstyles, an abundance of silly monsters, a charming score, and an endless amount of nights that increase in difficulty as you progress, good luck putting Sleep Tight down to rest!