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Official Animal Crossing Manga Series Announced

I mentioned a few days that the hype train for Animal Crossing is about to start rolling and the freshly announced official Animal Crossing Manga series is just a small part of everything yet to come.

Some may not know but this isn’t the first Animal Crossing TV appearance. Many years back there was an adorable Animal Crossing movie released that was never officially translated into English but a fan project brought it to life and you can watch it on YouTube now.

About the Animal Crossing Manga Series

The first official Animal Crossing Manga series however, is set to launch in February 2020 just ahead of the New Horizons release. The premises of the manga series should sound familiar to you, as it follows a new character named Hana who is out to explore her new life on a remote and deserted island – much like the setting in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

The first photo of the series reveals that Timmy and Tommy as well as Tom Nook will make an appearance in the show. The girl holding the shovel I assume would be Hana the protagonist of the TV Show.

Animal Crossing Manga

The show from the talented artist Minori Katō is titled Atsumare Dōbutsu no Mori: Nonbiri Shima DayoriGather which translates to Animal’s Forest: Carefree Island News and with its release in February 2020 it is just in time to further promote the upcoming new installment in the Animal Crossing franchise – Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Animal Crossing New Horizons recently hit the #`1 spot of the most anticipated games and Nintendo recently prepared the official Animal Crossing Twitter account for incoming New Horizons news, the hype train is rolling and I am so ready to hear some news about our favorite village simulation game.

Animal Crossing Merchandise

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Source: Anime News Network



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