Max Brass Introduction Trailer — The Commish is in


It seems like just yesterday Nintendo announced the first new fighter for Arms on the Treehouse Live stream. However, now everyone really got to see that. So to punctuate that Max Brass will be releasing for Arms sometime, this month, Nintendo has given us a trailer. This trailer shows off Max’s abilities and default loadout in action on his home stage, the Sky Arena.

Max Brass Breakdown

Here’s the short version of Max’s abilities and weapons. He appears to be a very aggressive tank sort of fighter. His default arms are a fire fist (that may puff up like the Bubb?), a grenade fist, and an explosive Whammer. The heavy emphasis on damage and knockdown suggests that Max Brass isn’t intended to be played defensively.Aside from that, Max Brass’s abilities are actually inherently defensive

Aside from that, Max Brass’s abilities are actually inherently defensive. When he charges up, he gets buff, which allows him to take weaker hits without flinching. He also gets a parry ring (just like Spring Man) when he cuts the animation off. Initially, we were told he had a similar comeback ability to Spring Man, so we wonder if this replaced it or if the information was incorrect (or misunderstood on our end.) Either way, it’ll be interesting to see how this shakes up the meta.

You can watch the video below, if you want to see the new Arms fighter in action. If you want to see the initial reveal of Max Brass at E3, check this article here. Or go here, if you’d like to read our review of Arms.

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