The sequel to the very popular MapleStory has opened it’s gates. Players can now sign up for the close beta. The 2D Online role playing game is also finally leaving South Korea, and will celebrate it’s worldwide release later this year. MapleStory 2 is published by Nexon America, and was recently showed off in Los Angeles at a fan event. If you are interested in the MapleStory 2 Closed Beta Sign-Ups, you can register right here.

In MapleStory 2 players can team up to explore a huge world, and become a hero. You are also able to build your own world, Minecraft style, nearly everything is customizable.

MapleStory 2 originally released in South Korea back in July of 2015, fans in the west have since eagerly been waiting for a worldwide release. The Beta that is available to players in the Americas, and will beginn on May 9th. Check out the MapleStory 2 Trailer below. Check out more information, and the beta sign ups on the official website here.