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Farmwand is an Exciting Storybook-Style Farming Sim

Enter a rich world inspired by classic storybook fairy tales in an adorable up and coming game called Farmwand by developer Irreverent Software. You’re a brand new graduate of the Southern Wizarding Academy, and are eager to start your new adventure: life in the great, wide world! Craft your very own wand, ready your robes, and settle on a gorgeous new farm. Explore enchanted forests, brew potions, get to know the local townspeople, befriend some magical creatures, and even solve some mysteries! 

Start your magical new journey by customizing your own character with a creator that lets you choose feature shapes, clothes, colors, and more. Then, dive into a deep, vibrant world full of opportunities. Build friendships, fall in love, or even create rivalries. Grow dozens of crops and flowers available in Farmwand. Care for some pretty cute animals like cows, sheep, and horses. Explore exciting areas full of minigames and puzzles that you can solve through magic spells. There’s even a deep lore with festivals, backstories, culture, and history for you to discover! 

There’s so much to do in this adorable farm sim, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it! 

Release Date

Unfortunately, there is no release date available for Farmwand. You can find it on Steam, though, where you can add it to your Wishlist!


I’m looking forward to Moonlight Peaks releasing this year, and if you haven’t checked it out or tried the demo yet, you should!


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    Farmwand is an Exciting Storybook-Style Farming Sim