Fantasy Life has been popular amongst Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon fans. The Nintendo 3DS adventure game, had many elements that made the game so enjoyable for it’s fans. Fishing, Cooking, exploring, crafting playing with friends and more made the game a huge hit. Level-5, the developer behind the game announced a sequel is coming to mobile devices very soon.

Few details are available, but a big announcement is set to take place in the coming weeks. The game has recently been delayed due to some more work on the multiplayer part of the game, Level-5 wants to make sure it meets it’s own high standards. Fantasy Life Online will feature extensive Online Multiplayer gaming, letting you play, adventures cooperatively with your friends or even trade items with your real life friends. It is also said to have a similar feature set as the Nintendo 3DS counterpart, with many professions to explore, a huge open world, loots, crafting, cooking and more! The game will be free to download this Summer of 2017 for iOS and Android! Check back for more information to come.


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  • Kikki
    Posted Jul 7, 2019 at 9:28 am 0Likes

    I’m not fond of mobile gaming…for one thing, I don’t like playing via touch-screen…but if this became available in English, I’d have to try it. Though what I REALLY want is a follow up to the 3DS version of Fantasy Life, preferably for the Switch. 🙂

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