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Everything You Need To Know About Bunny Day In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Bunny Day, which has essentially always been Animal Crossing’s version of Easter, will occur on April 12th this year. However, things are deifinitely being ‘Switched’ up in regards to the way it works in New Horizons. Rather than being just a one day event, players can participate in an egg hunt from April 1st to the 12th. From the different types of eggs, to the Bunny Day themed DIY crafting recipes, here’s everything you need to know about Bunny Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

How To Kick Off Bunny Day

Whilst Bunny Day in New Horizons is on the 12th of April, players can participate in an egg hunt that lasts from the 1st of April to the 12th. On April 1st, Isabelle or Tom Nook will announce the upcoming Bunny Day event. If they haven’t done this yet, it means that you will need to download the latest patch for the game. Your next task is locating Zipper T. Bunny.

About Zipper T. Bunny

Zipper T. Bunny usually appears on Bunny Day, and first made an appearance in City Folk. He has also appeared in New Leaf, Pocket Camp, and now in New Horizons. It’s heavily implied that he is someone wearing a costume, due to his name and the zipper on his back. Additionally, his mutterings have often suggested that he’s wearing a suit.

In New Leaf, he would become self-conscious and anxious if a player tried to talk to him from behind/look at his Zipper. This is impossible in New Horizons as he just keeps hopping around to face you.


Where To Find Zipper T. Bunny

It could take you a little while to find him on your island as he apparently will hide (although I found him hopping around in the plaza. Great game of hide and seek there buddy!). However, as he is forever hopping around, you should listen for hopping noises to help you locate him. Once you have found him, he will inform you that he has hidden different types of eggs around the island. The blasted bunny will then inform you that he has also hidden a load of Bunny Day recipes as well. If you find all of the recipes and craft them using the eggs you find, Zipper will reward you.

The 6 Different Types Of Eggs And Their Uses

There are 6 different types of eggs that can be found on your island (and other deserted islands). These can be used to craft the various Bunny Day recipes. The 6 egg types include:

  • Leaf Eggs: These can be spotted on trees and collected by shaking the trees like you would to gather fruit
  • Sky Eggs: These can be obtained by popping any colourful looking ballons that float by with your slingshot
  • Water Eggs: These can sometimes be acquired when fishing, and will look like medium sized fish.
  • Stone Eggs: These will sometimes appear amongst rocks, clay, iron nuggets. etc, when you hit rocks with a shovel (or axe).
  • Wood Eggs: These can be obtained alongside the usual different types of wood that you get when hitting trees with an axe.
  • Earth Eggs: These can sometimes be acquired by digging up the star shaped areas that normally indicate the presence of a fossil.

Tips On Finding The Bunny Day Recipes

  • Shoot as many colourful Bunny Day balloons out of the sky as possible. Sometime you will receive a Bunny Day recipe as opposed to a Sky Egg. The Bunny Day balloons will float across your island more frequently that normal balloons.
  • Speak with other Residents as often as possible. Sometimes they will provide you with a Bunny Day recipe
  • Collect lots of eggs and keep them in your pockets. This will sometimes give your player the inspiration for a new recipe when they find eggs.

Bunny Day Items & The Materials Needed To Craft Them

Egg Clothing & Materials Needed To Craft Them

Unlocking The Egg Party Clothes & The Materials Needed

By simply collecting as many of the different types of eggs as possible, you will unlock the recipes of all of the different egg outfits shown above. Once you have unlocked them all, you will be able to craft the Egg Party Hat and Egg Party Dress.

Zipper’s Rewards

After crafting all 37 Bunny Day recipes, speak to Zipper on the 12th of April. He will give you a recipe for a Wobbling Zipper Toy. If you craft this and then show it to him, he will give you the final reward, which is the Bunny Day Wand. This wand is a pretty cool item to own, as like other wands, it allows you to change outfits on the go.

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