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    [dropcap]W[/dropcap]e are taking an in-depth look at what appears to be the most mind bending and most beautiful puzzle game released on Nintendo Switch so far. Snake Pass is set in a 3D world that only on the Nintendo Switch you can take on the go, and play whenever, and wherever you want.

    Let’s Start Slithering

    Slither, Curl, Climb – rinse and repeat!

    Snake Pass is a beautifully designed level based puzzle game. You slither, curl, climb and sometimes you will fall – but the goal is to make your way through the stunningly beautiful crafted levels. You will pick up all sorts of collectables along the way to master each of the 15 levels. The first time you start up the game you will be greeted by a cheerful, quirky little humming bird. This bird will be there when help is needed, not only will it lead the way, but it can also provide a lift. Pressing Y on the joy-con controller will call the humming bird to lift your tail. This is especially helpful when you are about to slip, or loose grip. The bird never leaves sight, and makes the entire experience a little less lonely and more cheerful as you slither through the levels.

    snake pass bird

    Oh boy, does it look pretty!

    One of the most gorgeous, and best looking game on the Nintendo Switch to date. 

    One thing you will notice right at the start, is the gorgeous look of the game. The 3D world truly comes to life on the crisp and vibrant screen of the Nintendo Switch. If you climb high enough you can get a good look of the entire level, spotting the collectables and planning where to go next. Trees, grass, water and everything else is beautifully animated. You will find butterflies flying around, waterfalls dripping down, and trees swinging with the wind. It’s an absolute pleasure to explore each of the levels, and the harmony and lovely attention to detail invites the player to explore the levels even more.

    snake pass Level


    Go up high or down low. Caves and hidden spots are waiting to be explored.

    Talking about exploration in Snake Pass. You may chose to run through the levels, as the main goal is to find the lost keystones to open the gate in order to advance to the next level. But if you wish – you can take the experience a lot farther than that. Every level has hidden caves, secret spots and more to explore. The exploration is usually being awarded by finding gold coins and more. Each level has 3 keystones, 5 gold coins, and 20 blue bubbles to collect. While the keystones are necessary to advance, the other 2 kinds are optional. Finding the gold coins becomes especially more challenging as you advance. Locating the coins may take you some time, but reaching them can be an even more challenging experience.

    Refreshingly Challenging

    The Game reinvents itself as you advance. 


    Most games become more difficult as you advance. This is also the case in Snake Pass, each level brings new challenges. You will have to climb higher to reach coins that become more and more difficult to get to. But beyond just making things harder, Snake Pass succeeds in finding new ways to challenge the player with each new worlds to explore. Not only is it becoming more difficult making the game more fun, but it also adds new mechanics to keep players entertained. For example underwater exploration, or pulling switches and levers all add to keeping the gameplay fresh and preventing it from becoming scale. It almost feels like as if the game reinvents itself with every new world you enter. This is especially necessary to prevent the game from becoming stale and repetitive. Snake pass never felt like you had to do the same task over and over again, but instead challenged us to discover new ways to master each and every level.

    snake pass underwater

    Even though Snake Pass is a rather short game, given that it only costs $19.99 on the Nintendo Switch eShop – it provides hours of entertainment. And while the main game can be finished in a matter of hours, we believe the replay-ability of the game is high. We found ourselves returning to the same level multiple times in order co collect everything. Exploring little caves and hidden areas make it a lot of fun to revisit a level and slither around to discover every square inch.

    Final thought

    Play again, and again…

    Snake Pass is a refreshing puzzle game. Sumo Digital has successful made use of a retro inspired gameplay, and put a modern and fun twist on it. The game looks absolutely stunning in handheld as well as in TV mode. The animations are pretty, and the level design is carefully crafted with a lot of attention to detail. The 15 Levels within 4 different world settings are amusing, but the game feels short lived. Especially when you don’t go out of your way to collect every coin, it feels the game can be completed within a matter of hours. We were left wanting a few more levels, perhaps Sumo Digital can release a DLC pack with more levels if the demand is there.

    Snake Pass is currently available on Nintendo Switch, Steam, Playstation4 and Xbox One

    Thanks to Sumo Digital for kindly providing the review copy of Snake Pass. Review based on the Nintendo Switch Version of the game.

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    Human Resource Machine has finally been released on the Nintendo Switch. Even though it came out a little later than anticipated, the wait was well worth it. The game has been available on several other platforms for quite some time now, but the Switch version is more than just a simple port.


    Human Resource Machine is a puzzle game at heart, with an underlying dark sense of humor that will put a smile on your face every level you start. Each level your boss will challenge you with a new job. It is up to you to program your tiny cute office worker to succeed and please the corporation. If you master the assignment you will be rewarded with a generous promotion of another year of work.

    Human Resource Machine

    What makes it fun?

    The puzzles are challenging, but not to an extend that you will have to stare at the screen for 40 minutes to solve a problem. They are just hitting the sweet spot making the game an absolute mind bending, but rewarding experience. Of course the puzzles become more difficult with each level, or year you advance. The entertaining and unique gameplay is always supported by a great sense humor in the game, the little bit of story telling, and introduction to the puzzles are adorable, and will absolutely make you laugh. It is always refreshing to pick up a game that actually puts a smile on your face. If you take everything away that makes programing boring and difficult, then you have the recipe for how the puzzle system in Human Resource Machine works. Putting action blocks in the right order to get your little guy to do what needs to be done is your ultimate goal. This gets more complicated, with more and more blocks being added as you advance.

    Human Resource Machine

    Multiplayer? Kind of.

    Even though from all three games Tomorrow Corporation has released for the Switch, Human Resource Machine is the only one that did not get a real multiplayer mode. The developers stated that it would be too wild having two players working together. However, the game is tons of fun when playing with a friend. The game really shines when you dock the Switch to the big screen and invite a couple of friends to brainstorm and to solve puzzles together. Docking the console, or playing in table top mode – will also make you use the new and unique controls as well.


    When the game is docked you will obviously not be able to use the touch screen anymore. Here is where the developers have accomplished something amazing. The Nintendo Wii back in the days came with a motion bar to detect the cursor on the screen when using the Wii Remote to navigate through the menu. This often turned out to be painful and clunky with the pointer jumping all over the place. The Nintendo Switch does not need any additional hardware to accomplish the same controls, but it works even better.  Once you dock the console, the game will ask you to put down the joy-con on a flat surface, and after you will need to point it directly at the screen. It takes about 3 seconds and the calibration is completed. You can now swing the controller to move around the pointer and navigate around the menu. It is surprisingly accurate and a lot of fun to use, we were positively surprised and thrilled to be using these controls, in either the dock mode or table top mode.

    Final Thoughts

    Human Resource Machine is one of our favorite 3rd party games on the Nintendo Switch so far. The look and feel of the game is adorable. Furthermore, the sound and storytelling is excellent. There is no way you will make it through this game without smiling, laughing and enjoying yourself as you encounter cute characters, and challenging puzzles. The game really comes to shine when you invite a friend to solve puzzles together. Tomorrow Corporation has done a wonderful job bringing an already excellent puzzle game to the Nintendo Switch and making it even better. Using the great motion features of the joy-cons is a fantastic addition. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the game in the e-shop available now for $9.99.

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    With Zelda: Breath of the Wild will hit the store shelves this week on March 3rd. Some early preview version of the game have gotten early reviews. The scores were overwhelmingly positive as seen in the chart bellow. Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the first truly open world Zelda game, taking the franchise to the next level. The Game will be released for Nintendo’s new console, the Switch as well as the older generation Wii U.

    Segment Next calls the game a ” Masterpiece “.

    Polygon “can’t stop playing ” and ” loves the Game “, with a final review on March 2nd

    Trusted Reviews is ” consumed by Zelda ”

    IGN says the game ” feels remarkable “.

    We will be seeing more final reviews coming in later this week. Check back for more to come on Zelda: Breath of the Wild!

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