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       If, like myself, you are a late arrival to the Animal Crossing scene, a great and magnificent new journey draws nigh. With the arrival of Animal Crossing on Switch comes  a chance to experience this franchise with fresh eyes, along with all the die-hard fans. Being that it is such a unique happenstance (given the popularity of AC), it seems fitting that such a perspective be shared. Given that this gamer’s exposure to the collection is exclusively  in the Pocket Camp (mobile) version, a fresh eye is exactly what is to be bestowed upon this eagerly awaited epic.


    Pocket (boot) Camp

         As if to prepare for the grand scheme ahead, AC:PC seems to only cover the basic actions of what is, essentially, the icon for cute-animals resourcing games.  The penultimate goal is collecting items and resources to please the picky friends that you choose to surround yourself with.

         Although it seems that much of the mobile version is just passing time between events, the primary objective is to acquire all the perfectly pleasing personal items to place about your campsite. The variety of clothing items keeps you in whatever fashion to which you have become accustomed, be it dark and ominous or light and fluffy. With a multitude of themes to fit any lifestyle, transitioning your zone to fit your mood is made quite simple. As far as as cute and bubbly mobile games go, AC:PC is truly the perfect segue into its soon-to-be released, major-console version. 

    “…Where wings take dream” – GWB

           The setting; a colorful world full of cute, sassy animals ready to stick out that wanting hand at a moments notice.  An ever-changing world, customized by effort and personal desire, full of tasks to accomplish and items ready to be purchased at unfair prices.  This adorable and engaging locale will be home to many cuddly critters, super hyped on the notion of being your bestie, so long as you are willing to make a few deviations in your daily routine to acquire whatever benign artifact they think will bring them closer to contentment.

         Contrived solely from personal whimsy, the decor of the land will change as frequently as the the tides. The townsfolk are always cheery and quirky, never letting woe reach their beady-eyed smile. There is always something to do; from tending your beautiful garden, to spending big bucks on upgrades to your home or town-space. Altogether, the presupposition is that AC Switch will be everything that this franchise was meant to be from the start.  There is much hope and high expectations for the new AC installment, and is unlikely to disappointment. 

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  • svgJan 24, 2019Event

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    Being that it is our Potato Game of the Week, we decided that we should give a few of our followers the chance to try this fantastically frenzied game absolutely free of charge. We are sure you’ll enjoy the downright dastardly diner dashing as much as we did! For four of our fantastic followers, we are giving away one each of two digital copies of OC2 for the Switch, as well as two copies (also digital) of Overcooked for PS4. 

    For more details about the game, check out our feature article. All you have to do is follow us on our new Instagram right here, and comment on the giveaway link with your preferred console!

    We have a multitude of exciting events and giveaways planned for our newly updated potatoey Instagram!  So join now for your chances to win, plus fun and exciting news and reviews for all your happy gaming needs.

    Follow and comment to join our Overcooked giveaway on Instagram here

    Big thanks to Team 17 for making this giveaway happen. The giveaway ends on January 31st. Winners will be randomly selected and notified via Instagram. 

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  • svgJan 22, 2019Feature

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    Each week, MPG staff will pick one special title to brag about! Whether it tickles our funny bone, or jerks a tear, we’ll give you the low-down on the games that stand out to us. 

    About this weeks winner…

    Yummy! Yummy! Yummy! Virtual grub in my tummy! The second installment in this tasty franchise immediately carved its place into our homes with all new costumes, levels, recipes and themes.  Enjoy frantic team-based shenanigans as you (and possibly some friends) attempt to navigate and coordinate the kitchen and duties in an attempt to figure why you are even cooking in these ridiculously hectic locations.

    Whether you’ve been assigned to burning the rice or dropping the cucumbers on the floor, this game keeps the frantic action building level by level.  Winner of Best Family Game in 2018’s Game Awards, this little ditty is guaranteed excitement for the whole family.  

    Overcooked 2 has also recently released some new DLC, and the link happens to be available right here!

    The game is currently available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Steam. A must play on any of the platforms!

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  • svgDec 7, 2018Feature

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    Tis the season, friends! We here at MyPotatoGames happen to be particularly fond of this time-o-year. The gaming world is always chock full of a variety of specialized gifts for all the lovelies on our holiday list.  It is always more fun to give than to receive, so we took it upon ourselves to give you a hand with your sharing and caring this year. It’s time to spruce up the jovial festivities with some of the best cute and cuddly souvenirs and accessories we could find.  Anything from a decorative Animal Crossing Switch skin (hint, hint), to a classic-cool Super Mario Chomp Lamp, we grabbed some glamorous gamer-gifts to go ga-ga for. (click item title for link)

    Animal Crossing Switch Skin

    Chosen for obvious reasons, this Switch skin will give the Animal Crossing lover in your life a little something to brag about, whilst also preparing them for the upcoming release of Animal Crossing on Switch.  Cute, simple, and affordable, this gift is a guaranteed hit.

    Mario Chain Chomp Lamp

    The next item on the list is a bit more pricey, but totally worth the buckaroos if you know any true Mario fans (and really, who doesn’t). Super cool and uber nostalgic, the Chain Chomp lamp is the perfect addition to any Mario lovers collection.  Now that chomping nuisance becomes a helpful reading buddy! Let’s-A-Go!

    Super Smash Bros. Tee

    This presentable present is here to celebrate the release of an epic new title, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. Do you like someone enough to get them a t-shirt but not enough to buy them a brand new game? Then this is the gift for you! Everyone loves a representative tee! Now you can you help a loved one show others exactly what SSB means to them.

    Ocarina of Time Themed Tee

      For the classic gamer, the next piece is sure to impress.  Another simple tee, but one that speaks volumes.  The shirt depicts the play guide to Song Of Storms from Ocarina of Time, and includes the words “Make It Rain”, a clever allusion to the term coined for throwing cash around (case you don’t know). It’s a fun and funny gift that is enjoyable year round!

    Pikachu Holiday Sweater

    What better way to bring in the holiday season than to rock an “ugly sweater” with one of the cutest creature creations ever, Pikachu! Totally adorable and super cozy, we feel the Pika sweater is a great holiday gift to be busted out year after year.  Pika, Pika!

    Stardew Valley Plushie

    Another super cute fan toy we found is the Stardew Valley blue Junimo Plush.  Small, squishie, and round; what’s not to like? Fuzzy blue goodness for all your Stardew fan friends. 

    Minecraft UNO Card Game

    If there’s one thing that we can all enjoy, it’s when our favorite video games cross-over with classic board/card games.  Minecraft UNO brings you exactly that.  Frustrating fun for all, with a Minecraft twist! Having to draw four cards has never been this pixilated! 

    Animal Crossing Holiday Puzzle

    The only thing better than playing our favorite games, is putting together 550-piece works-of-art to show off to all. The Animal Crossing Holiday Puzzle is just as relaxing as the actual game, only without anyone yelling at you for manipulating the time/space continuum. 

    Simple Game Mode Tee

    Do you like gaming? Of course you do! You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t. So now that we know that, lets make sure everyone you come into contact with knows, too.  A teddy bear t-shirt with “Game Mode” written on it will do exactly that. You’re welcome.

     Super Mario Backpack

    Last, but certainly not least, is another Nintendo beauty.  This backpack screams Super Mario so loud it’d break the bulb in your Chain Chomp lamp (not literally, in case you thought about getting both).  It is everything a Mario fan backpack should be, and more.  Mama Mia!

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