Animal Crossing Switch Rumors hit once again

There have been several rumors circulating around Animal Crossing Switch. With a release still expected this year, Nintendo has been very quiet about the upcoming Village simulator. Today Twitter users cabreraleak, who is known for leaking Nintendo related information  (but has also been wrong in the past), revealed some more Animal Crossing Switch details that have apparently leaked and then spread quickly. 

Here at myPotatoGames we are very cautious about posting rumors surrounding our most loved and favorite games, therefore keep in mind that these are only rumors and maybe or most likely none of these are actual facts.  The only reliable source of Animal Crossing related announcements would be coming from Nintendo directly. With that being said, let us hop right in and start dreaming about what Animal Crossing Switch could be like. Here is the break down of his tweet.

Animal Crossing Switch Features

According to cabreraleak, the next installment in the Animal Crossing franchise will feature 8 player multiplayer and you will even be able to move furniture and redecorate your home while your friends are over. Anyone who played Animal Crossing: New Leaf will be particularly happy to hear this. Beyond online multiplayer, he also points out that a split-screen multiplayer using two joy-cons would be a feature to look forward to. 

Furthermore, he says the game will feature 100+ new animals, and Amiibo functionality will be returning as well, with support for old Amiibos still in tact. In his tweet he also points out that there would not be any loading times during the game, which is one of his points that lead us to believe these rumors are actually fake. 

Animal Crossing Switch Release Date

Of course, he also mentioned an Animal Crossing Switch release date and while we take in all the information with a grain of salt, we believe that his idea of the release window in September 2019 could actually be a possibility, given that the big N is planning to release the recently announced Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield by the end of this year. The company usually avoids overlapping major game releases, which would push Animal Crossing Switch forward to either September or October, with other not yet announced releases in between that Nintendo promised during the most recent financial call to its investors.

As fun as this list of presumed Animal Crossing Switch features is, we would put a big fake stamp on these. Although this is not a reason to be sad, there is a big chance that the actual list of features that will be released by Nintendo – once time has come – will actually exceed our expectations. 

We would like to point out once more that any rumors surrounding Nintendo games, especially big titles like Animal Crossing should always be enjoyed carefully. Nintendo is doing an impeccable job of not leaking any information regarding future titles, most rumors in the past have turned out to be false, with the exception of some predictions of upcoming Nintendo Directs. Make sure to come back for more Animal Crossing and other exciting news here on myPotatoGames.

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myPotatoGames was founded out of my huge love for Animal Crossing, besides spending a lot of time taking care of my virtual village I enjoy painting, creating things or look up funny and cute dog pictures on the internet. My preferred office location is somewhere on a remote island, in the middle of the South Pacific.


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