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An Expanded Museum, Brewster, And More Shops Could Come To Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Players have been posting some intriguing dialogue from their island’s residents to social media. Tweets of videos and screenshots shared from players’ Switch consoles and things people have noticed themselves, have left us Animal Crossing fans puzzled but excited. In a future update, it’s possible that an expanded museum, Brewster, and more shops could come to Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

An Expanded Museum

You may have noticed that the museum has a staircase leading to nowhere. Additionally, there is a cordoned off area in the far back right-hand side of the fossil section of the museum. This could simply be for decor however. You might also have noticed that the museum lacks a section for art, unlike previous games of the franchise. Excitingly, Twitter user @sylvidia posted the following tweet of a conversation between her and Fang:

Could an art section be included in an update?

Brewster And The Roost

The Roost, is a coffee shop run by a pigeon called Brewster. Brewster has appeared in all of the mainline games (as well as the film and some non-mainline games) since Wild World. He will always seem rather reserved at first, but will bond with players if you visit him and buy coffee a lot.

Therefore ’tis a crying shame that the coo-l pigeon is yet to make an appearance in New Horizons. This may be about to change however, due to the dialogue of Clay (shown below) who says that Brewster advised him not to drink that much coffee:

Additionally, in a French screenshot, villager Olympe (Maddie in English versions) specifically mentions Brewster and the Roost. You can tell this due to the colours of the words, which always indicate characters and places.

More Shops

Upon speaking to Isabelle in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, she sometimes gives an unusual tip. She says the island could do with more storefronts, but we can only build two, so are Nintendo planning more?

Below are some of the past shops/vendors/buildings that may or may not make a reappearance.

City folk introduced a variety of new shops/buildings/vendors to the Animal Crossing franchise. These include:

  • The Auction House
  • The Fortune Shop
  • GracieGrace
  • Kicks
  • Phineas
  • Shampoodle
  • The Happy Home Academy
  • The Marquee

New Leaf introduced the following shops/buildings:

  • Club Lol
  • The Dream Suite
  • Leif’s Gardening Store
  • The Photo Booth

Likelihood Of These Shops/Building/Vendors Returning

The marquee from City Folk is unlikely to be a building that players can visit, as players can now learn new reactions from other islanders.

Similarly, Club Lol is highly unlikely to make a return, as after progressing to a certain point in the game, K.K. Slider appears at the plaza on Saturdays, and takes song requests after 6pm.

The Happy Home Academy is also unlikely to be one of the buildings to appear in an update given that they sneakily evaluate your home without you noticing and will score/award you via mail.

Shampoodle is unlikely to be a shop included in an update given how players are able to change their own facial features and hairstyles and colors.

It’s possible that kicks could set up his own shop, especially as he is the only vendor of backpacks and bags. However, for the time being, he is one of the island’s travelling merchants.

Whilst nothing has hinted to it as of yet, the fortune teller’s tent/store run by Katrina would be a desirable addition to islands.

Again, nothing has hinted at there being a GracieGrace store in a future update, this was always a place where players could purchase high-end (albeit a little pricey) furniture.

Phineas has had two different roles in the franchise. His first appearance was in City Folk, and his second was in New Leaf. It’s unlikely he will hand out scout-like badges to players like in New Leaf, as Nook Miles have kind of replaced that. However, it would be super cute to see him handing out free pinwheels and balloons to players in the plaza, like he would do in the city in City Folk.

As there currently isn’t a section for art in the game’s museum, it would make sense that Redd would not appear and sell (mostly) fake art. However, it is possible he could appear in an update, especially if the museum had an art section.

It’s unlikely the Photo Booth from New Leaf will return, as players have a camera app on their NookPhone.

The Dream Suite would be a nice addition, as it would allow players to visit other people’s islands and share their own without the worry of anything being destroyed or taken.

Leif’s Gardening Shop would also be a nice addition, as Nook’s cranny is very limited in the plant department.



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