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Abyss: New Dawn is a Cozy Farm Sim With Adorable Pets and Mounts

Abyss: New Dawn is an upcoming cozy game from indie developer Aloya Studio currently listed on Kickstarter. The game is a charming farm sim and adventure game set in an enchanting world. You start your journey in New Dawn Land, the first floor of a 10-floor world. Each floor has its own ecosystems, climates, and landscapes. Embark on an adventure full of all kinds of fun activities. Explore gorgeous areas. Raise adorable creatures and useful pets. Gather resources and take on some intriguing challenges, and so much more! 

Start your new adventure by customizing your character with cute clothes and other traits. Team up with friends or fly solo to create a flourishing homestead where you grow a variety of crops and take care of some cute farm animals. Abyss: New Dawn features 13 different crops already, with a stretch goal that will add more glowing plants and farm crops, as well as the ability to cook these items. There are also 7 different farm animals already in the game, as well as pets and dinosaur mounts who can help you with your tasks. You even need to build the town yourself. Once you do that, you’ll have NPCs move in at your request, and they can provide you with the necessary goods for your exploration.

When you’re not busy exploring and fighting bosses in the caves, take time to decorate your home in Abyss: New Dawn. You can create the perfect cozy interior for you and your friends to hang out in. Your friends can even contribute and place furniture they’ve earned into your home. Then, go fishing or bug catching to build up a cool collection to show off! 

Release Date

This lovely little game is currently listed on Kickstarter. The timeline there states a hopeful release for the end of next year, with early access coming before that. There are plans for launch on Steam, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox!


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    Abyss: New Dawn is a Cozy Farm Sim With Adorable Pets and Mounts