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You Can Now Wishlist Magical Social Sim Witchbrook on Steam

Make Potions, Master Spells, Manage Your Social Life

Creator Chucklefish has just announced today that their magical school RPG, Witchbrook, now has a Steam Page right here! This game has been high on our wait-list for being the Harry Potter to our Stardew Valley.

In Witchbrook you get to create your own character and enlist as a witch-in-training at Witchbook College. There, you can develop your magical abilities by attending classes, completing assignments, and earning badges to graduate at the top of your class. You’ll be learning to brew potions, fly brooms, improve your botany skills, and master spells.

School life will also include socializing with others, and even bringing dates to the prom! Yes, you can go on romantic dates with a colourful cast of characters. All with hopes and dreams that you can help them realize on your way to graduation and beyond.

New Witchbrook Steam Screenshots

As the release date is “still brewing”, the game will likely not launch this year. Furthermore, it’s too early for any console release confirmations. However, a Steam Page is a great next step! Speaking of which, it shows that online multiplayer is in the works!


As you can see below, new screenshots have been added with this announcement and we get a closer look at seaside town Mossport. Outside of the academy, you can take part in other activities such as photography and gardening. Mossport boasts many boutiques, cafes and seasonal markets!



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