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Witchery Academy – Stunning New Footage

Check out farming, spell casting and meet your spirit companion in the new trailer for Witchery Academy!

For those that may have missed it, Witchery Academy is a super cute Witch/Wizard life sim that is currently being developed by the small team at Cubenary. In this beautifully magical game, you play as a student in the Witchery Academy, who must master all the different aspects of magic become a proficient witch or wizard.

What is Witchery Academy?

There will be much to due by way of magic mastery. Of course, you will have the classics like potion making class and spell casting lessons. You will also get to try your hand at horticulture when your are taking care of adorable planties in your botany class.

Witchery Academy

And let us not forget about your endlessly important spirit companion, a special kitty which will require your love and care to flourish at your side. Feel free to play games with your little cat. Feed your kitty lots and make to give it all the pettins, to ensure the greatest relationship!

What’s new?

Recently, the developers have released an all new in-depth trailer, which can be viewed below. It gives a closer look at all the things there will be to do in Witchery Academy. Not only that, the devs have also put the finishing touches on their website.

There, you can find much more information on the game, as well as sign up for their official newsletter so you don’t miss any updates in development.

Witchery Academy New Trailer

More info.

For more information on this epic indie, you can check out their official website now! There you will find links to follow them on all forms of social media in which they take part. You can also see my coverage here.

*Witchery Academy is still currently in production and the developers have revealed to myPotatoGames that they are aiming for a 2022 release on both PC and consoles.*

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