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Witchery Academy Official Announcement Trailer

The adorably magical upcoming indie game Witchery Academy now has an official announcement trailer.

For those that may have missed this one, Witchery Academy is a magic magic school sim game that goes pretty far beyond the doors of the academy. Your intensive training will find you in all sorts of scenarios and environments, as you train in the arcane arts.

Witchery Academy Spirit Companion

There are plenty of wonderful features that will make Witchery Academy a wonderful place to be; like farming for potion ingredients or cuddling with your kitty cat spirit companion. All this in an effort to be the absolute best magical person you can be.

The developers have been quite diligent when it comes to keeping fans up to date on the progress of their game. You can see many of the features set to be present in the game just by cruising their Twitter. Luckily, they have reached a point in development where you can get everything you need from one video!

Witchery Academy Announcement Trailer

For more wonderfully magical games, you can now play a demo for Little Witch in the Woods!



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